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150% satisfaction guaranteed

At Grove Beard Supplies, we dare to be different, and our confidence in our products mirrors our unique approach. Imagine placing an order for £10, and then discovering you're not satisfied – not only do you get your £10 back, but we add an extra £5 on top, refunding £15 in total!

Why such an audacious promise, you ask? We're artists in our craft, creators of a symphony where nature's finest ingredients compose a harmonious blend tailored for your beard's hair and skin. Each product is a masterpiece, sculpted on-site with precision and flair.

We invite you to challenge our balms and oils, to put them to the test in a dance of discovery. Use them just once – yes, once! – and if you and your partner don't notice and love the transformation, the canvas is on us, plus an extra 50%. We're not here to simply sell products; we're here to foster creativity, to inspire self-expression, and to honor the art that is you.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your order and decide to return/exchange your order, contact our Customer service team at with the reason why you wish to return/exchange and we'll email you instructions on how to complete the return/exchange process. Please see our terms & conditions for full details.

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