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How to soften your beard in four easy steps.

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A healthy beard is hydrated, conditioned, soft, and easy to tame. Until you learn how to treat your beard, you may be suffering from the following symptoms of an unhealthy one: split ends, beard itch, dry skin, or a scratchy and unstylable mane.
To get your beard to a gloriously healthy, soft, and styled beard (your partner will thank you for). You need to follow these four solid techniques daily.

Wash - Oil - Brush - Balm


Include using the best products that contain premium ingredients that will benefit you and your mighty crumb catcher, as well as changing your grooming regimen to maximize the benefits from your beard products.

1. Washing your beard.
Wash your beard daily to remove dirt, grime, and excess oil that builds up. By not washing your beard, it can often compromise the health of the hair. 
Use a quality beard soap to ensure your beard is clean and has removed anything that does not belong. 

2. Apply oil to soften your beard.
Apply a quality beard oil daily to establish a soft and supple beard. This is the most fundamental step. Beard oil penetrates the hair follicles and conditions them with all manner of nutrients, leaving hair soft against your skin (and your partner's). Your beard will now be more tamable and stylable. 
Beard oils that contain Kukui Nut and Jojoba oils are perfect for softening the hair. They also have the added benefits of soothing and moisturizing your skin underneath your beard to cease that dry, irritating itchy skin.

3. Brush your beard.
After applying your quality beard oil, you want to distribute it evenly across your hair, ensuring that all the hair strands receive the nutrients and benefits from the oil.

4. Apply a balm.
Once you have applied your beard oil and brushed it, you may notice your hair doesn't fall the way you wish it. By working a beard balm to your routine, you not only have an extra benefit of conditioning shea butter for your hair and face, but premium balms have added wax to provide weight to your hair, making it easier to style.

Best Practice with all steps together.

Wash your beard with beard soap, then, when your beard is towel dry, warm up a few drops of beard oil in the palm of your hand and apply to your beard, ensure each hair is coated by using a beard comb, leave it for 5 minutes to get that oil fully soaked into the hair. Then, apply a beard balm to style into shape and lock in the moisture from root to tip.
Repeat these steps every day and you will notice the difference, and your partner will too.

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