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  • Is Beard Balm better than beard oil?
    Beard Balm offers a thicker consistency and provides more styling control compared to beard oil. However, beard oil is known for its nourishing and hydrating properties. Choosing between beard balm or oil depends on personal preference and specific beard care needs.
  • Should I use beard oil and Balm?
    Using both beard oil and beard balm can provide a comprehensive beard care routine. Beard oil moisturizes the skin, while beard balm offers styling control and additional hydration.
  • Do you use beard balm then oil or oil then balm?
    It's generally recommended to apply beard oil first, followed by beard balm. Beard oil penetrates the skin and hair follicles, while beard balm offers a sealing effect and styling hold.
  • What does beard oil do?
    Beard oil moisturizes, nourishes, and softens facial hair and skin underneath. It helps reduce itchiness and promotes healthy beard growth.
  • Do Beard Oils really work?
    Yes, beard oils are effective in moisturizing and conditioning facial hair, contributing to a well-groomed appearance.
  • Do you need beard oil for stubble?
    Beard oil can be beneficial for stubble by keeping the skin hydrated and softening the hair, making it more comfortable and manageable.
  • How can I make my beard soft for kissing?
    Regularly using beard oil and beard balm, along with gentle brushing, can make your beard soft, smooth, and kissable.
  • Is it OK to apply beard oil every day?
    Applying beard oil every day is considered safe and can provide ongoing hydration and conditioning.
  • How do you use beard oil for beginners?
    For beginners, simply apply a few drops of beard oil to your palms, rub them together, and gently massage the oil into your beard and skin.
  • When should I use beard oil?
    Using beard oil after showering is ideal as the pores are open, allowing the oil to be more easily absorbed.
  • Why is my beard so prickly or wiry?
    A prickly or wiry beard may be due to dryness or lack of nourishment. Regular use of beard oil and beard balm can alleviate this issue.
  • How long does 30ml beard oil last?
    A 30ml bottle of beard oil typically lasts about 2-3 months, depending on usage.
  • How long does beard balm oil last?
    Beard balm usually lasts between 1-6 months, depending on the amount used and frequency.
  • How often should I wash my beard?
    Washing your beard 2-3 times a week with a gentle beard shampoo or soap will help keep it clean without over-drying.
  • Do you brush beard after oil?
    Yes, brushing your beard after applying oil helps distribute the product evenly and detangles the hair.
  • Should I use a beard brush or comb?
    Both a beard brush and comb are valuable tools. A brush is great for styling and distributing oils, while a comb helps in detangling and shaping the beard.
  • Why does my beard balm have a grainy texture?
    A grainy texture in beard balm may be caused by the cooling process of natural butters, such as shea or cocoa butter. If the balm cools too slowly, it can cause the fatty acids to separate and form tiny grains. This doesn't affect the effectiveness of the balm, and the grainy texture melts upon application. If consistent texture is desired, warming the balm and allowing it to cool more quickly can resolve the issue.
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